Car/Taxi/Small Van               Minibus Under 12 Seats            Large Van             Minibus more than 13 Seats

         £49                                           £57.30                             £58.60                             £59.55

About our MOT Test Centre

This facility is capable of testing Class 4,5 Class 7 this includes motor cars, vans, motor homes, mini buses and light goods vehicles up to 3500kgms.

Our Redhill premises are very spacious and have ample room for parking and turning.

Same Day MOT in Redhill

Can't see the time you need, give us a call! We can test up to 21 vehicles a day and can normally fit you in at short notice.


When can i have my MOT Test?

You can present your vehicle for a MOT up to 28 days prior. This allows for any repairs needed. Don't worry though, you will still keep your original expiry date if you bring it in, in this time frame.

How much does an MOT cost?

See our prices above or give us a call!

What happens if my car fails its MOT?

This is always an unfortunate thing that can occur. However if your car has failed there are two options;

Option 1: We can repair your vehicle at an agreed cost and restest FREE once repaired 

Option 2: You may repair the vehicle yourself within 10 working days and bring it back for a half price retest fee

A car can fail its MOT for two reasons:

A Dangerous Fault:

Your car cannot be driven until the fault is resolved. We will provide you with a quote for the repairs, or you can ask another garage to tow the car away to complete the repairs elsewhere.

A Major Fault:

We will provide you with a quote for the repairs, or you can ask another garage to complete the repairs. You’ll be able to drive the car to another garage for the repairs if you wish with an existing passed MOT.

If you drive a car without an MOT under any other circumstances, or drive a car with dangerous faults, you can be fined £2,500, be banned from driving and get three points on your licence.

Avoiding MOT failure – Quick and Easy Checks

2/5 cars fails their MOT the first time, and it is very often due to small maintenance tasks that most people are able to carry out themselves. Here’s a few things you can do before your MOT test:

  1. Top up the screen wash, and check that your wipers are clearing the screen well.
  2. Check all your lights are working. In some cars changing a bulb is very easy and can be done yourself. If you’re not sure how to do it, ask us when you bring your car in and we’ll help.
  3. Clear up clutter, dirt and any other hazards in the car that could obstruct your view (like dirt on the mirrors), create a distraction (air fresheners or stickers in the windscreen), or be dangerous if it fell from the seats or parcel shelf.
  4. Wipe down the registration plate and check your personalised plate complies with DVLA rules for type face and letter spacing.
  5. Check for warning lights on the dashboard and get any issues resolved before you request your MOT test.
  6. Check your tyres – they have to be in good condition and sufficiently inflated for the car to stop and corner safely. If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask.
  7. Look for damage in the windscreen. Small chips can be repaired by a professional, but large chips or cracks mean you need to replace your windscreen. This is usually covered by your insurance. Ask us for advice if you’re in any doubt.
  8. Check your seatbelts for damage and they fasten correctly.
  9. Top up fuel and engine oil – there needs to be sufficient quantities for us to test your car’s emissions levels properly.
  10. Check the horn – it has to be in working order and loud enough to attract attention.