Vehicle Diagnostics and Fault Finding in Redhill

Problem with your car?

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We offer two checks for diagnostics;

Code Read - This is simply we plug on our diagnostic equipment and give you the codes listed.

Diagnostic Check - This is more involved, we check the codes against the running data and will investigate into the problem and advise you on what needs replacing to rectify the fault

                                            Code Read                                                              Diagnostic Test

                                      £37.50+VAT                                                                     £50+VAT

Reasons to have a diagnostic.

A light has illuminated on your dashboard, or the vehicle has started to loose power or not start.

We can advise you on all these, just give us a call.


How long do car diagnostics take?

If you opt for a simple code read we may be able to do this whilst you wait, please ask when booking in.

However if you wish for a full diagnostic this may need to be left with us, due to the testing required.


Why Choose Three Arch Garage?

We have an experienced team who know just what to look for when fault-finding. We deal with a huge range of cars and have knowledge about the common (and less common) faults particular to each make and model.